Corporate social responsibility


Beyond its purpose of furthering the development of dance, BNS | Ballet Nacional Sodre has also fostered its values and responsibility as a cultural player in our society. 
We understand that our contribution should not be restricted exclusively to dance. This is why we strive to collaborate and make a contribution through our work, effort and discipline, encouraging the values that transcend the strictly artistic nature. 
Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and with the help of our friend institutions, we work to reach out to the society that sustains us and accompanies us throughout the year, returning the unconditional support we receive through what we love.

Main CSR actions

 Training programs for new audiences

-General rehearsals open to the public

Prior to each opening performance, BNS performs a general rehearsal open to the public with an annual audience of 4,000 people from various institutions: children and adolescents of the National Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay, students from primary, secondary or technical schools and social institutions, among others.

 - Rural Schools to the Theater

This is a joint program between the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Auditorium of SODRE and the Primary Education Council, with the support of the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI), the ProSodre Foundation and the UNESCO ASPnet, of which BNS is an Associated School.

The project consists in working with boys and girls in rural schools throughout the country, their teachers and members of their families, in order to facilitate the access of children to national cultural and artistic products and services, and then work with didactic pedagogical material on the contents of theater pieces in the classroom.

In addition to the possibility of attending performances, this program offers to schools prior work and subsequent follow-up, providing teaching material in audiovisual media to prepare for the visit, and a playbill specially designed for the occasion and a playful-didactic booklet for children are provided, which adds value to the experience. At the end of the performance, the artists, still characterized with their costumes, greet the children at the hall.

In the 2015 Season, about 4,000 students, teachers and family members throughout the country participated in this program, which comprised four performances: two in Montevideo (Le Corsaire at the National Auditorium), one in Paysandú (Giselle at the Florencio Sánchez Theater) and another in Salto (Giselle at the Larrañaga Theater).

In the 2016 Season, the Rural Schools to the Theater Program welcomed more than 1,800 children throughout the country who enjoyed a special performance of Coppélia.

- Secondary Schools to the Theater

In the framework of the agreement between SODRE and the Secondary Education Council, as of 2016, special performances are available also forpublic secondary schools. In 2016, a two-event celebration was organized for the 80th anniversary of the Secondary Education Council, consisting in a special performance of Coppélia for high school students and another for primary school students under the Rural Schools to the Theater Program.

Guided visits

Since the second half of 2014 there have been guided visits to BNS facilities, with the opportunity to see fragments of classes and/or rehearsals of the company in its place of work. These visits are held twice on Wednesdays (in the morning and in the afternoon), during one hour.

Special performances and activities

BNS collaborates with non-governmental organizations and non-profit foundations.

It offers an annual performance for the benefit of the Fundación Amigos del Pereira Rossell, in addition to other cooperation agreements with Fundación Porsaleu, Aldeas Infantiles and Niños con Alas, among others. There have also been rehearsals open to the public, visits and shows in public schools during National Tours, as part of our mission and commitment to make our artistic discipline the heritage of all Uruguayans.

During the 2016 Season, as a result of climatic phenomena that struck the interior of our country, $ 795,557 were raised from a special benefit performance of Swan Lake that were donated to the National Emergency System for reconstruction of the affected areas and for addressing the situation of victims in the entire country.