Sobre el Bns

Le Corsaire


October 25th 1848, Teatro Grande, Trieste

January 23rd 1856,  Paris Opera Theater, Paris, France
Choreographer: Joseph Mazilier inspired by Lord Byron's poem
Music: Adolphe Adam
Source: 1, 2, 3

Restaged in 1858, San Petersburgo
Direction: Jules Perrot
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Libretto: Joseph Mazilier y Vernoy de Saint-Georges


1983, Le Corsaire Pas de deux
Choreography: Marius Petipa


1995, Le Corsaire by Ricardo Diego
Choreography: Marius Petipa
2003, Le Corsaire by Ricardo Diego
Choreography: Marius Petipa


Act I

In the middle of a great bustle at the Grand Bazaar, buyers and traders seek beautiful slave girls. Conrad and his friends arrive at the port when Lankendem, the slave trader, is hard at work. Conrad sees slave Medora next to her friend Gulnara and falls completely in love with her. That day, Lankendem has gathered the powerful pashas to perform a great sale of Algerian and Palestinian slave girls, including Medora and Gulnara. Seyd Pasha is enchanted with Gulnara and purchases her. Lankendem had saved Medora for last, and when Seyd Pasha offers him for her all the money he has, a stranger appears (who is no other than Conrad disguised) and manages to buy her. Meanwhile, the Corsair’s friends capture Lankendem and release the rest of the girls, except for Gulnara, who had already been taken to Seyd Pasha's palace.

Act II

In the cave of the pirates, Medora tries to persuade Conrad to abandon his life of pirate and release the slave girls, but Birbanto and his friends do not agree because they are planning to sell them and divide the profits. This unleashes a fight in the group of pirates. Birbanto agrees with Lankendem to give a sleeping potion to Conrad and thus be able to take Medora. The plan succeeds and they kidnap Medora while Conrad sleeps.

Act III 

Seyd Pasha is in his palace surrounded by odalisques who dance for him. Lankendem arrives and, as a surprise, brings him Medora, who dances sadly, still thinking of Conrad, but rejoices when she is reunited with her friend Gulnara in Le Jardin Animé. Seyd Pasha, drunk and seduced by such beautiful women, dreams a thousand fantasies in Le Jardin Animé, already thinking of making Medora his first wife. Conrad and his friends arrive at the palace disguised as pilgrims and succeed in freeing Medora and Gulnara. During the escape, the Corsair finds out about Birbanto’s treason, confronts him and kills him. They escape to the boat and set sail. They are caught in a storm and shipwreck. Conrad, Medora, Ali and Gulnara incredibly survive and arrive safely at mainland. From there, they depart in search for happiness.