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Romeo & Juliet


Dicember 30th 1938, Opera Theater, Brno, Checoslovaquia
Choreography: Vania Psota
Cast: Vania Psota (Romeo)
Music: Sergei Prokofiev
Sources: 1, 2

March 16th 1870, Sociedad Musical Rusa
Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


1950, Montevideo, Uruguay
Romeo and Juliet by Piotr Ilich Tchaikowsky
Choreography: Serge Lifar
Orchestra direction: Carlos Estrada 


1962, Montevideo, Uruguay
Choreography: Serge Lifar
Orchestra direction: Juan Protasi 
1963, Montevideo, Uruguay
Original choreography: Serge Lifar
1964, Montevideo, Uruguay

Original choreography: Serge Lifa
Recorded music

1965, Montevideo, Uruguay
Choreography: Serge Lifar
Orchestra direction: Guido Santorsola
1968, Montevideo, Uruguay
Choreography: Serge Lifar
Orchestra direction: Juan Protasi
1969, Montevideo, Uruguay
Choreography: Serge Lifar
Orchestra direction: Hugo López
1999, Montevideo, Uruguay
Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev
Choreography: Eduardo Ramírez


Act I

Scene I - In the market of Verona

In the market of Verona, Romeo, a young member of the Montague family, unsuccessfully tries to declare his love to Rosaline, and is comforted by his friends Mercutio and Benvolio. In the bustle of the party, an altercation occurs between them and Tybalt, nephew of the Capulets, the rival family. Swords in hand, the fight begins. The family heads of the Montagues and the Capulets come. The Prince of Verona, Escalus, appears and requests them to put an end to their rivalry.

Scene II - In Juliet's house

Juliet, a member of the Capulets, is playing with her nurse when her parents come to introduce her to Paris, a young man who has asked for his hand.

Scene III - Outside the Capulets' house

Night. The guests are arriving at the great party. Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio, disguised with masks, are mixed among the guests in search for the beautiful Rosaline.

Scene IV - In the ballroom

Romeo and his friends arrive at the best moment of the party. Dazzled guests watch Juliet dance. Mercutio realizes that Romeo cannot stop watching her and dances to distract him, Romeo has already fallen deeply in love with her. Thybalt recognizes Romeo and urges him to leave the party, but Juliet's father welcomes them as a sign of his commitment to reconciliation.

Scene V - Outside the Capulets' house

While the guests are leaving, the head of the Capulets prohibits Thybalt to come close to Romeo.

Scene VI - At Juliet's balcony

Juliet, who could not fall asleep nor stop thinking of Romeo, goes to the balcony for some fresh air. Suddenly, she finds Romeo waiting for her at the garden. They declare their mutual love.


Act II

Scene I - At the market

Romeo cannot stop thinking of Juliet and fantasizes with the idea of marrying her as he watches a wedding procession. Juliet's nurse tries to break between the crowd to give him a letter from Juliet. Romeo reads the letter where Juliet consents to be his wife. 

Scene II - In the chapel

The lovers are secretly married by Friar Laurence, who thinks that this union will mark the end of the eternal rivalry between the Montagues and the Capulets.

Scene III - At the market

A new street quarrel ends in a battle between both clans. Thybalt confronts Mercutio and kills him. Romeo avenges the death of his friend and is exiled.



Scene I - In Juliet's room

Romeo has spent his last night in Verona with Juliet, and says goodbye to her at dawn, just before her parents come in the company of Paris. She refuses to marry him. Her parents, angry at so much rebellion, threaten to disinherit her. She escapes to see Friar Laurence.

Scene II - In the chapel

Juliet prostrates to Friar Laurence asking for help. He has a plan: to give Juliet a special potion that will make her sleep and make her look dead. Her parents will then take her to the family crypt. Meanwhile, Romeo, warned by Friar Laurence, will return to her by night and will take her away from Verona.

Scene III - In Juliet's room

That same night, Juliet pretends to agree to marry Paris. The following morning, her parents come together with Paris and find her dead in her bed.

Scene IV - In the Capulets' crypt 

The body of Juliet lies in the crypt. Romeo, who has not received the message of Friar Laurence, has returned in secret and unexpectedly to Verona to learn of the fatal end of his beloved. Disguised as a monk, he enters the crypt and finds Paris there, fights with him and kills him. Still believing in the death of his beloved, he chooses to die poisoned. When Juliet awakes, she finds that her beloved has died at her feet. She cannot withstand this and also decides to die, thus joining their souls in the beyond forever.