Sobre el Bns

The Nutcracker



Act I

Christmas Eve. In the Stahlbaum's home, Clara and her brother are preparing for the great Christmas Eve party, waiting for the arrival of friends and family. Once all guests have gathered, Clara's father orders to turn on the lights on the Christmas tree and give to children the presents at the foot of the tree. Between games, laughter and fights for toys they have just received, the festive dances begin, first with the younger children, soon joined by their elders, parents and other guests. As in every Christmas, the arrival of Drosselmeyer, Clara’s godfather, raises a great expectation among all children. He is a magical and charming being that year after year dazzles everyone with his magic tricks and his incredible puppet theater, where he will tell children the story of "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.” The long-expected moment arrives, as one by one, the inhabitants of his little theater come out: Harlequin, the Doll, the Captain, the Gypsy and the Pirate, who act and dance to the delight of guests. When all guests leave for dinner, Drosselmeyer surprises Clara with a very special gift: a wooden nutcracker. Since this first contact, Clara feels something very special for him. The guests return to the room after the celebration dinner to say goodbye to the hosts and depart. The house is in silence and the children go to sleep, leaving the gifts in the room as ordered by their mother. Clara is so excited with her new nutcracker that she stealthily returns to the room to take him in her arms. Little by little she is overcome by fatigue and falls deeply asleep in a couch. In dreams, the most fantastic, never before imagined adventure will begin, led by the hand of her godfather Drosselmeyer, who transforms the house hall by growing and deforming the objects, the Christmas tree, the toys and even the small mice that hide in the house. The puppets of the small theater reappear, coming to a new life, and her beloved nutcracker grows to the size and the grace of a slender boy. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King engage in a tumultuous battle. The Mouse King almost knocks down the Nutcracker, who is saved by Clara as she throws her slipper at the Mouse King heating him on the head. The Mouse King tries to attack her, but she is saved by the Nutcracker, who already recovered, stops the Mouse King and beats him. The saddened mice taken him away. In the eyes of Clara, the nutcracker is transformed into a young, beautiful, brave soldier. Both, led by Drosselmeyer, go together on a fantastic trip to the Land of Snow.

Act II

Space and time disappear in a long dream journey where Clara and the Nutcracker visit unforgettable landscapes and characters until finally arriving at the Land of Sweets. In this so special place, they are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy, who honors the Nutcracker and celebrates their bravery in killing the Mouse King. Clara and the Nutcracker are invited to enjoy the wonderful dances of the friendly ambassadors from different regions of the world: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian… even sweet shepherdesses. Among many pirouettes and giants in harem pants, flying dragons and golden fans, Russian dolls and friendly Cossacks, castanets and much grace… dances, situations and unforgettable characters parade in front of their eyes. The Nutcracker and Clara are turned into prince and princess, and discover simultaneously a new special feeling that will unite them forever… A long night comes to an end. With the first light of dawn, Clara awakens on the couch in the living room of her house, with her wooden nutcracker in her arms, surprised and sad that everything has only been a dream, but trusting and happy that soon, when becoming a young girl, she will surely live a similar adventure of love in real life.