Sobre el Bns

Cuentos de la Selva


30 of June of 2017, Ballet Nacional Sodre, Montevideo, Uruguay

Coreography: Andrea Salazar, Martín Inthamoussú, Marina Sánchez
Music: Roy Berocay, con arreglos de Pablo Rey


Based on Horacio Quiroga's short stories.


Choreography: Andrea Salazar

The parrots of the mountain were dedicated to eat the choclo and oranges of the near chakra. One day, while one of them was a sentry, he was hunted by the owner of it and one of his peons. Seeing that the parrot was not dead, the man decides to take it with his family. The children, after healing their wounds, adopt him as a pet calling him Pedrito. Very comfortable in his new home, Pedrito decides to go for a walk, not counting on being trapped by a storm that would take him to the jungle. There he encounters a tiger that with a single scratch rips all the feathers off his back, causing him to hide until they grow back. Once healed, very sad and angry at this situation, he tells everything that happened to the man and his pawn, and with these, they find the tiger and kill him.


Choreography: Martín Inthamoussú


The yacarés lived peacefully in the river until one day, it began to pass a boat driving away the fish and leaving them without food. To face this situation, they decide to follow the advice of the oldest of the yacarés and build a daSm to obstruct the passage to the ship to get the fish back and not starve. The ship easily knocks down the great building again and again, forcing the Yacares to find another solution. Following again the advice of the oldest yacaré, they decide to visit an old friend of his, a surubí, who much resented to them to have eaten to his nephew. In spite of this, the surubí agrees to collaborate with the cause, and gives them a torpedo that had been guarded carefully for many years. With this, the yacarés declare war on the ship, which culminates conquering thanks to the cunning with which they defended their territory.


Choreography: Marina Sánchez


One day the vipers decided to give a great dance to which were invited toads, frogs, fish, yacarés and flamingos. At the dance, all were adorned with amazing costumes, except the Flemings, who for their lack of intelligence had not known how to do it. Wanting to be the envy of the snakes, the flamingos decide to go out in search of socks of colors, but without much success. For this reason, an owl decides to help them by giving them hides of coral snakes that had been hunted, warning them that the world would stop dancing at the party because otherwise, they would be discovered. All was well at the dance until the flamencos felt exhausted from dancing, because of this, one of them falls allowing the vipers to see what were really the stockings. In revenge for what happened, they threw themselves at the flamingos and ripped their hides off. Screaming desperate for the pain they got into the water, that is why, today, flamingos flaunt their red legs and are rarely seen out of the water.