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Petite Mort


August 23rd, 1991, Nederlands Dans Theater at the Salzburg Festival, Salzburg, Austria


Jiří Kylián originally created this piece for the Salzburg Festival on the occasion of the second centenary of Mozart's death. He chose the slow fragments of two of the most beautiful and popular Mozart's piano concerts. "This deliberate choice should not be seen as a provocation or thoughtlessness, rather as my way to acknowledging the fact that I am living and working as part of a world where nothing is sacred, where brutality and arbitrariness are common places. It should convey the idea of two antique torsos, heads and limbs cut off - evidence of intended mutilation - without being able to destroy their beauty reflecting the spiritual power of their creator."

The choreography includes six men, six women and six fencing foils. The foils are, in many ways, the men's real dancing partners and, at times, seem more unruly and obstinate than a partner of flesh and blood. They visualize a symbolism that is more present than a storyline. Aggression, sexuality, energy, silence, senselessness and vulnerability - they all play a significant part. Petite Mort, literally meaning "small death", also serves as a paraphrase for "orgasm" in French and Arabic.